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Turn your bottles into cups!

Have empty wine bottles laying around? Get crafty this weekend and turn them into cups!

Here is what you’ll need:
-Empty wine bottle
-Lighter Fluid and Lighter
-Sand Paper
-Bucket of ice water
Step One: Put on gloves, you don’t want lighter fluid on your hands!
Step Two: Set a bucket of cold water on a concrete or other fire resistant surface.

Step Three: Rinse out the bottle thoroughly. Wrap the thread around the bottle at the point where you want the bottle to break. (The thinnest area of the bottle is best. If the glass is too thick, this trick may not work.) Wrap the thread around the bottle as many times as possible.
Step Four: Squirt the lighter fluid on the thread, soaking it. Squeeze the thread a bit so it soaks up as much lighter fluid as possible. Wash the gloves with soap and water.

Step Five: Hold the bottom of the bottle with one hand, and light the thread with the other. Turn the bottle on its side a bit and rotate it. If any fluid on your gloves catches fire, dip your hands in cold water immediately.

Step Six: Let the thread burn until it goes out, then immediately drop the bottle into the cold water. If it doesn’t break on its own, quickly grab the bottle and apply pressure to the heated area to break the bottle. Once bottle cools, use sand paper to smooth out the edges.

And voila! You now have wine glass cups! Now sit back and enjoy some wine out of your new cups.

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