Live Chat for Wine Lovers now available has added a Live chat service for wine lovers browsing our Website. As you browse through our more than 12,000 wines, click on the live chat icon in the upper right corner if you require instant access to help.

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An operator will be able to assist you to find a product, check stock quantities and help with your overall wine shopping experience.

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FAQs about using the live chat service:

  1. When is the live chat service available?
    The live chat service is available during the same hours as our toll-free customer care support. Customer care hours are M – F from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern. Live Chat services will also be available periodically on Saturdays.
  2. Can I give you a credit card number through live chat?
    No. Although the live chat service is secure, you cannot purchase items through the live chat and we do not accept credit card purchases through live chat. For security reasons, our staff never knows your credit card number even when purchasing through our secure site.
  3. Does it work the same ways as live chat on other Website?
    Yes. We use LivePerson for live chat services.  LivePerson is found on many other Websites that offer live chat services and is the leading live chat provider.

After a few months, the live chat icon will be moved into the main left-side navigation. 

We hope you find the live chat service helpful for quick answers and immediate customer service.’s new Blog has officially launched its blog where you will find wine related articles, the latest Wine-Blitz deals, new wines and guest posts from other wine lovers.

Guest Bloggers wanted! wants to hear from you! If you are a serious Wine Lover and would like to post about what you love about wine and share your own experiences, please send an email to We’ll set you up with a guest account where you can share your thoughts with readers.

More information about the guest blogging program and Wine-Blitz deals to come soon.